The Wheels Keep on Rolling!


2016 was another successful year for One Vision Signs. Today we are proud to celebrate our 7 years in business. We would like to thank all the people we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years.

2016 was a very busy year for us at One Vision Signs. And like most years it started in January; this was the month that our doors opened at our new unit in Kembrey Trade Centre, took delivery of our new CNC Flat Bed Router and welcomed Scratch (Ian) to the One Vision team.

Having known Scratch for many years, we knew that he would fit in well and bring a wealth of experience. Not only is Scratch a great sign maker with a keen eye for detail, he is also (probably) the most experienced CNC Flat Bed Router operator in Swindon. With 17 years’ experience under his belt – this man can literally cut the mustard (if mustard was made of Foamex).


Moving on…


BSS House served us well for 6 years. But we knew the time was right to make the move to somewhere bigger. As businesses grow, so does the amount of space they need and this was certainly true of us. We knew our time was coming to an end as we found ourselves storing more and more outside in the corridor every day, which wasn’t the most practical or attractive solution when our customers came in to visit. So we went on the hunt for something new. We wanted somewhere where we could have production on two levels. The ground floor (or ‘Dirty Area’) – This would be where we would fabricate, paint and cut the elements needed for our projects.

The first floor (or ‘Clean Area’): where we could have our printer, vinyl plotter, laminator, printing media and offices that we use daily to create the signage and prints.

After viewing many units and coming close to a few, we finally found our new home in Kembrey Trade Centre.  However, we had to get very creative to ensure that the new unit would work for us!

We spent all of December (we did have Christmas day off – just!) turning our empty shell into our new home. The feedback that we received from our clients has been extremely positive. Our new creative space now allows us to work in a more efficient and productive way. With the production areas being separate, cleaning time has cut for each process so we have a significantly low amount of reprints as a result of cross contamination.

All in all, everyone is a lot happier (and warmer!) in our new Kembrey home. And having the extra space makes working life much more pleasant for all the staff!


Cutting the Mustard…


The CNC Flatbed Router has always been a machine on our ‘must have’ list and was one that we knew would add value from the very first day. Since then, the Router has allowed us to offer an in house service that many sign makers cannot offer.

There many elements to this machine, to be honest we are still learning the full extent what the router is capable of. But with Scratch (aka Ian) and the CNC Router working in harmony with each other this has enabled us to hit the ground running and get a head start on the learning process of the CNC Router and all that it can offer. Knowing that Scratch has mastered the general sign making materials like Foamex, Acrylic and Di-bond, we are now challenging him to bring many ideas to life that have been in the creative minds of One Vision Signs for some time.

We are learning that this machine can offer more than just the perfect ‘sign makers’ tool and it can actually allow us to offer our clients products that previously we had only hoped we could!

We always like to keep our staff on their toes and challenge them with new and creative ideas. So if you have something that you think we can help you with, have an interesting challenge that we can test Scratch with or simply want to come in and see man and machine working side by side then please feel free to get in touch.