All About us at One Vision Signs Swindon

One Vision Signs Swindon background storySo why us? What sets us apart from the rest?

At the end of the day all offer very similar products. We all claim to be the ‘BEST’ and/or the most ‘COST EFFECTIVE’, so why one company over another?

Word of mouth is normally a good starting block; if a friend, colleague or family member recommends a company then there is a high chance that they will win your business and your hard earned money. This is one of the reasons that we make sure all of our customers will be happy to recommend us to their friends, colleagues and family. As the old saying goes ‘You never know when, where or who your next customer is!’

New to One Vision Signs?

However, if you happen to be a ‘newbie’ to One Vision Signs Swindon and aren’t fortunate enough to know some lucky soul that has used us before, then it looks like we have to win you over! We could sell ourselves to you in our About Us page but it’s highly unlikely that this will happen. The chances of you giving up your money based on… ‘We’, Gavin Kay and Ross Giles, founded One Vision Signs Swindon in February 2010 and that we are cousins who have worked together for over 15 years in the signage trade… probably isn’t the bait that will convince you to sway your choice of signage supplier.

We also understand it can be a difficult and painful decision for you to change your supplier or use a new business. Normally a change only happens if your current supplier starts letting you down and forces you to look elsewhere. If if this is the case, this is where we’ll happily help you out and make the change as painless as possible.

So even though we know your final decision of supplier will be an educated one based on many things.  First impressions, speed of response, quality of products, professionalism and finally affordability. So we thought it might be an idea to give you some information about ‘us’…

Seems like a life time ago!

As you already know, ‘we’ Gavin Kay and Ross Giles opened the doors to One Vision Signs Swindon in February 2010. You’re also aware that we are cousins who have worked together for over 15 years in the signage trade. After working for a number of companies where we picked up the do’s and don’ts on running a successful company, we thought we’d try it ourselves (the old ‘we can do it better than them’ quote). Our aim was to build a reputation based on high quality practical products, excellent designs and fantastic customer service with after care which proves we are not just after your money! Speaking to many of our clients all these years on thankfully this is still the reputation that we have with them. This is something that we are very proud to tell you about and have in our bag of tricks.

Although we have now got some fantastic clients that we work with this wasn’t the case when we first opened the doors to One Vision Signs Swindon. Having that ‘fantastic’ contract to start the company off in good steed made us understand the importance of small local businesses. For this reason we will never turn our backs on you guys! No matter how large we grow. Like us, every company has to start from somewhere and we would love to watch you grow with us helping you along the path to success.

Keeping Motivated

In short… six years on we are hungrier than ever. We’ve got the motivation and desire to offer genuine high quality products with the service that you should expect from your suppliers. We are always looking at developing new ideas and creating products that we are proud to supply. This is achieved by not standing still for too long. We’re always looking at moving One Vision Signs Swindon forward. By reinvesting in technology and staff, it helps us deliver the products and service that you’ll be happy to recommend.

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